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Megan Kelley — Assistant Marketing Manager

As we count down to 2022, we’re taking a look back at all of the amazing content our team has published throughout the past year. Whether you’re in the market for hospital management tips, looking to learn something new about vet med, or anything in between, we have the perfect posts to read while you wait for the ball to drop.

1. Why, and how, to answer the dreaded question: What would you do if this were your pet? Dr. Michelle Clancy provides advice on how to answer a common veterinary question.

2. Four key trends for animal hospitals in 2021. IndeVets CEO Michael Raphael identifies 4 key trends for vet med in 2021. As the year closes, how many of these came to fruition? Read on to find out.

3. Life Boost with Dr. Amelia: 5 hacks to decrease your stress in 10 minutes or less. Associate IndeVet and health coach Dr. Amelia Knight shares 5 hacks to help you live a stress-free life as a veterinarian.

4. Puppy care 101: A guide for pet owners. Dr. Melanie Shapiro provides a comprehensive guide for new paw-rents on keeping new family members safe.

5. Is your animal hospital busier than ever? 3 solutions for coping with increased client demand. IndeVets identifies two causes of increased demand for veterinary services — more adoptions, and client acquisition from competitors — and offers 3 solutions for meeting demand.

6. I got the vaccine! Our veterinarians’ journey to be COVID-19 vaccinated. Chief Medical Officer Dr. Marisa Brunetti describes her journey to be Covid-19 vaccinated in spring 2021.

7. Surprisingly human: How vet care is also people care. Dr. Emily Singler examines the human-animal bond and explains how veterinarians care for both pets AND humans in their daily practice.

8. Weird Case Files with Dr. Amy: Sawyer. IndeVets Area Medical Director Dr. Amy Lloyd shares case files for Sawyer, a 7-year-old Lab suffering from bilateral hip dysplasia.

9. Weird Case Files with Dr. Amy: Meira. In another edition of Weird Case Files, Dr. Lloyd shares notes from an usual case: Meira, a 4-year-old mixed-breed dog with an uncommon pure breed gastrointestinal disease.

10. Results of the 2021 Covid-19 Veterinary Impact Survey and what they mean for animal hospitals. IndeVets shares the results of their 2021 Veterinary Impact Survey, assessing the effects of Covid-19 on vet med one year later.

Plus a few more bonus posts:

11. Life Boost with Dr. Amelia: 8 ways to boost your energy naturally. In the October edition of Life Boost, Dr. Amelia Knight shares 8 ways for veterinarians to beat the winter slump.

12. Thinking sustainably in vet med: 3 tactics and 3 unexpected advantages. Dr. Yui Shapard outlines 3 strategies to incorporate sustainability into vet med, including responsible antimicrobial use, client education and becoming more involved.

13. IndeVet Stories: Navigating burnout and depression in vet med and how relief work can help. Dr. Kristen Dewey shares her own story on how vet med left her feeling burnt out and unable to spend time with family, and how she finally found release through relief work.

14. The Five F’s of the perfect job in vet med. Looking for a new role in vet med? IndeVets Chief Growth Officer Dr. Andrew Heller offers tips on what on finding your dream job.

15. How well do you know vet med? Test your knowledge with our industry quiz. Everyone loves a quiz! Can you get a perfect score?

Happy new year!

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