Your time is valuable.
Get paid for all of it.

As an IndeVet, you’ll be paid hourly. We believe hourly compensation is the best way to offer a high standard of care, while also making sure you’re always paid for any additional time you work. It’s the fairest, least stressful way of working.

Full time at IndeVets starts at just 34 hours per week and our FT Associate IndeVets start out with a base that’s over six figures before taking shifts that offer additional compensation.

Make more by adding variety to your shift types.

You can increase what you make by a little or a lot by taking a Promoted shift. If a hospital really needs the shift covered, they will further incentivize by promoting it. When they promote a shift, they agree to pay a premium on the hourly rate you get paid. The upside is anywhere from an additional $10-$20 on top of your hourly rate depending on what shift you choose! One or two of these shifts a week can make a big impact on your paycheck. And get this, you don’t work any more hours to earn that. Nada. Zilch. None.

Special shifts require special skills. Get paid for those too.

The following specialty shifts also apply a premium to the hourly rate:

  • Surgery
  • Dentistry
  • Day/Overnight ER
  • Urgent Care
Get paid to drive to work. Who ever heard of that?

Many of our hospitals pay you extra for your driving time to get there. You clock in when you get in your car and clock out when you pull in your driveway.

Work less and make more.

At IndeVets you can actually work less hours than traditional relief contractors and FT Associates and make more money. Hard to believe, but not hard to live. For all the deets on this incredible fact, take a look at our FAQs.

All of the benefits, none of the burnout.

Wanna get specific about what you can expect in your benefits package? Let’s do it.

Our benefits
A variety of medical insurance options, including two that are fully paid by IndeVets (Yes, free to you!)
Dental and Vision Insurance
Company-Paid Short-Term Disability Insurance
Generous Paid-Time Off
Paid Parental Leave
Continuing Education allowance (Plus additional PTO for CE)
License Reimbursement
401(k) and Roth 401(k) contribution with 100% employer match up to the first 4% with no vesting period
Company-Paid Professional Liability Insurance (Just like your PLIT, but free to you.)
Membership Perks: deeply discounted memberships to VIN, VETgirl, Fear Free certification, and more!
Guilt-free leave of absences
Illustration of a guinea pig exercising in a colorful unitard

Choose Your Own Adventure Stipend

We really believe in our values — so much so that we pay you to live them. Like the name implies, you choose what you do with this stipend.

Anything that helps your physical or mental health like your Peloton or gym membership, surgery, or even travel for a medical procedure.

If your own pet care costs are stressing you out, then use it for that. Heck, you can even offset your commute costs. You do you.

Illustration of a group of animals eating from an IndeVets bowl.

IndeVestment Revenue Share Plan

Because we’re all building IndeVets together, we created The IndeVestment Revenue Share Plan.

Every quarter, you’ll be credited a portion of our revenue in your dedicated IndeVestment account.

If you join us as a full time IndeVet, we’ll even put $10,000 in your account on your first day to start you off on the right paw.

Feel free to ask us for more info on how this plan works.

I wrestled with how I could keep doing what I loved, without it destroying me and my family. Becoming an IndeVet has saved my career, and quite possibly my life.

Dr. Kristen Dewey, Associate IndeVet

We hear stories like Kristen’s far too often. Vets at their breaking point — drained from all the extra hours or depressed from missing out on what’s important. The industry is broken, particularly when it comes to the way all of us are treated.

Need another reason to become an IndeVet?
We want you to grow with us.

We know you’re so much more than just a vet.

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can be as an IndeVet.

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