Meet your mentor match.

We believe no vet should go it alone, especially not new vets. Trust us, we’ve been there. We get it. That’s why we’ve created opportunities for lots of experiences, all alongside an experienced IndeVet. When you join us as a fully paid IndeVet you get:

  • Six months of practical experience in clinical settings, all with your mentor by your side for real-time guidance.
  • More experience in more settings. Get access to the full spectrum of care – corporate, private, shelters and specialties. How will you know if you like it if you don’t try it? And what better way than to get exposure across all types of medicine?
  • Weekly check-ins with your Director of Clinical Excellence, who will coach you, offer advice on reaching your goals, and just be there to listen if you ever want to vent (we’ve been there, too).
Illustration of 2 associate IndeVets checking the ear of a very large basset hound

Elevate your education.

Our IndeVets GP Clinical Certification course takes the vast knowledge you gained in vet school to the next level. We created a course that will prepare you to diagnose and treat the most common cases seen in general practice, giving you the experience you need to take care of your patients with clinical excellence and confidence. Bonus: It’s online, so you can move at your own pace from anywhere you want.

All the tools you need to succeed.

At IndeVets we help vets build a career with fulfillment, and without all the burnout rampant in our industry. We know the best vets are happy vets, that’s why we provide plenty of professional development opportunities and a strong emphasis on wellness and mental health. Our program will give you all the tools you’ll need for a long AND happy career in vet med. You’ll have access to:

  • Hands-on labs covering ultrasound, surgery, and dentistry
  • Fear-Free and BlendVet (DEIB) Certification
  • Communication and conflict management training
  • A wealth of mental health and wellness resources, including access to our veterinary social worker for 1:1 support
  • Me-Time-Money stipend to use for anything that helps your mental or physical health
  • 24/7 access to our private clinical channel on our IndeVets App. Think of it like a group chat with a few hundred of the smartest crew from vet school. Need a second opinion or have a specialty question? Ask away, we’ve got you covered.

Want one good reason to apply? We’ve got six.

  • With a dedicated mentor, you get the practical experience and one-on-one support you need to jumpstart your career
  • Tons and tons of benefits that are unmatched in vet med
  • Be a part of a truly supportive and engaged community
  • Build lasting professional relationships
  • Focus on your personal wellbeing
  • A CE stipend, regular IndeVets free CE, and paid time off to get it all done
Illustration of IndeVet holding a cat balancing on a fish bowl on a bird cage being held by a dog on 2 legs

Apply now for a first job so awesome, you won’t need a second

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