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Relief for the vet industry is here

IndeVets is on a mission to make veterinary medicine better. We set out to create a new way to practice that puts vets first. We took what makes associate work reliable and combined it with what makes relief work flexible. That means all our doctors get proper pay for the hours they work, full benefits, and total schedule control – with a team dedicated to their happiness and growth every step of the way.

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Let’s start at the beginning

How IndeVets Works

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Step one...

We hire great vets.

Our team of vets really are the whole package if we do say so ourselves. They’re talented, empathetic, kind, and always know exactly what size butterfly to use to make that blood draw a cinch. We ensure our IndeVets are the best of the best, in fact, we only hire about 15-20% of everyone that applies.

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We partner with the best workplaces.

We don’t swipe right on every clinic. We’ve built partnerships with more than 2,500 forward-thinking hospitals. We expect a lot from our vets, so the same applies to our hospitals. We partner with hospitals that meet our clinical standards and share our values (no jerks allowed).

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The result?

Happy vets. Happy hospitals. Better medicine.

Forget the status quo. It doesn’t apply here. Get ready to take control of your career (and your life) again. Because you deserve way more than a job that pays the bills. You deserve a job you love.


Who We Are

Our Mission

The IndeVets mission is to bring balance, fulfillment, and joy to veterinary medicine. We’ve been through the long rotations, the office drama, and the last-minute schedule changes. It drove the joy out of our jobs and, more importantly, out of our lives. So we took it upon ourselves to make a change.

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