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Veterinary staffing done right.

IndeVets is on a mission to make veterinary medicine better. We unite the nation’s top veterinarians and animal hospitals to deliver what matters most in animal care –– happy, healthy doctors performing at their best.

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Let’s start at the beginning

How IndeVets Works

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Step one...

We hire great vets.

Not just any doctor can become an IndeVet. We thoroughly vet and hire only the best, highly qualified relief veterinarians. They become a part of our team, earn market-leading pay and benefits, and gain the freedom to choose when and where they work.

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We partner with the best workplaces.

We’ve built partnerships with more than 2,000 forward-thinking, best-in-class hospitals. We expect a lot from our vets, so the same applies to our hospitals. We partner with hospitals that not only have high medical standards, but also have a commitment to maintaining a healthy workplace for staff and patients.

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The result?

Happy vets. Happy hospitals. Better medicine.

When doctors are in control of their schedules, they’re happier. Same goes for hospital teams who can breathe easier about their staffing. Together, our doctors and hospital partners are making the world of veterinary medicine a better, happier place.


Who We Are

Our Mission

Our team is united by a mission to make veterinary medicine better. We’ve been through the long rotations, the office drama, and the last-minute schedule changes. It drove the joy out of our jobs and, more importantly, out of our lives. So we took it upon ourselves to make a change.

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