Relief for the vet industry is here.

Get ready for a whole new way to staff your veterinary hospital. IndeVets provides flexible veterinary staffing that’s more than just relief. With IndeVets, you can say goodbye to recruiting, vetting, and retaining top docs all on your own. Just bring your staffing needs to us, and we’ll do the rest. It’s relief work, reimagined.

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Where We Are

Current Regions

IndeVets is growing every day and operates in all Eastern and Central time zones. Don’t see your area listed? Leave us a message with where you’re located and we’ll be in touch soon.

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Clinical. Personality. Background.

Our vets pass every test.

When you staff with IndeVets, you’ll have access to doctors who have aced a lot more than just their interviews. We’re confident that even your most finicky
clients will love their service.

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Clinically strong

Our commitment to clinical excellence starts with great in-house leadership. Our own clinical team, which is led by Chief Veterinary Officer, Dr. Marisa Brunetti, oversees each and every IndeVet. We shadow our doctors, review medical records, and work with hospital leadership to facilitate doctor feedback.

We keep our team up to date. We’ve built a knowledge sharing system that allows our vets to easily distribute industry-leading research, clinical trends, approaches, and standards. Our doctors collaborate in real-time we share SOAPs, rads, and x-rays with each other to get clinical advice or additional opinions. That means you don’t just get one doctor’s recommendation you get the collective knowledge of our entire team.

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Smarts and hearts

From pedigree to personality, we hire well-rounded docs. Highly-qualified and good bedside manner shouldn’t be mutually exclusive. We take a holistic approach to evaluating our vets, including personality assessments to help determine the clinical environment that’s best for them.

IndeVets are...
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    patient, stable, flexible, kind, and agreeable.
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    responsive – cooperative with others, tolerant, and patient. (No jerks!)
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    cautious with risk and respectful of staff, clients, work environments, and patients.
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    focused on customer service and a team-oriented approach.
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    agreeable, sympathetic, and empathetic listeners who enjoy being helpful.
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Only the best and brightest

Great doctors are everything to your business, which is why we’ve developed a comprehensive screening process that examines all facets of a candidate.

Our screening process includes:

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    Clinical assessments
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    Background checks
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    Drug tests
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    Reference checks
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    Face-to-face interviews
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    License verification
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    Internet/social media scans
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    Personality profiles

Staffing shouldn’t feel like a blind date

You’ll know them. They’ll know you.

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For you

Every time you staff with an IndeVet, we’ll send you a detailed clinical profile and video interview of that doctor, making it easy to get to know them even before they walk in the door.

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For them

Before each shift, our doctors receive an in-depth profile about your hospital’s procedures, workflows, and key staff members, allowing them to hit the ground running.

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Surprised how seamlessly they fit in. Clients have been really pleased with the IndeVet doctors. They work great with the techs and are always willing to help and work as a team.

Christina Shiraldi

Christina Shiraldi

Nazareth Veterinary Center

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Billing is easy, self-explanatory. I enjoy putting shifts online. Doctors are really good, and I have never been dissatisfied.

Hakim Franklin

Hakim Franklin

Mt. Airy Animal Hospital

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We have used several IndeVet doctors and they are all professional, reliable, and very helpful to our practice. I highly recommend IndeVets.

Marilyn Katz

Marilyn Katz

VCA Delaware Valley Animal Hospital

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All of the doctors that helped us out were competent, pleasant, professional and well received by clients and staff. Truly an asset to our practice.

Susan Longo

Dr. Susan Longo

Annapolis Cat Hospital 

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All the vets we have used are very professional, capable and able to handle all our clients and patients needs from the moment they walk in the door. They are flexible and willing to immediately be part of our hospital team.

Stewart Eidel

Dr. Stewart Eidel

Mountainside Veterinary Hospital

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Great doctors, excellent communication, easy pay process avoiding unnecessary paperwork.

Nicole Mastalski

Nicole Mastalski

VCA Abri Animal Hospital

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We are so happy with the IndeVet doctor that has helped us. She is a hard worker, competent and kind doctor. She communicates with our clients and with our team in a very friendly and professional manner. She is able to adapt to different settings and protocols with ease and she is overall a pleasure to work with.

IndeVets testimonials

Fernanda Marques

All Creatures Great and Small

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We are thrilled with IndeVets! They have made a huge difference during COVID when we have been overwhelmed with “pandemic puppies.” Extremely qualified, friendly, and efficient veterinarians. Love working with all the veterinarians.

Dr. Bryan Hall

PetVet of Clarksville

Bye bye scheduling headaches

Yep, there’s an IndeVet for that.

Ahh, the joys of filling shifts. The mad scramble to uncover emails lost in the shuffle. The unsearchable darkness of week-old text messages. Or better yet, the joyful sound of the fax machine firing up to communicate like it’s 1994.

Leave it all behind. With IndeVets you login to our website, post your shifts, and move on with your day. Yeah, it’s that simple.

Fast, Tech-Enabled Scheduling

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Make your accountant proud

A great in-vets-ment.

Our docs don’t just fill shifts, they help grow practices. Our hospital partners have reported significant gains in revenue and profitability when staffing with IndeVets – up to 20% revenue growth in some cases! 

IndeVets have a higher average client transaction (ACT) then associate or owner doctors at our partner hospitals. On average, IndeVets produce $5 more per client. That’s $70 more per day, $350 more per week, $1,400 more per month, and $16,800 more per year! Let us do the same for your business.*

*Based on aggregate data from partner hospitals. Based on 2 clients per hour for 8-hour shift (1 hour break).

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A financial model you can understand.

If complex pricing schemes are your thing, we’re not for you. We’ve made IndeVets as simple as possible. That’s why we provide one rate for our doctors for most shifts.

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    Simple billing.
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    One invoice.
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    No 1099’s or payroll taxes.
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The end of this page can be the start of a beautiful partnership. Let’s talk about next steps.

Ready to become an IndeVet hospital partner? Our team is available to answer any questions and get you started today.

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