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IndeVets currently operates across Eastern and Central Time Zones. We’re growing fast, so don’t worry if you don’t see your state listed now. Sign up for notifications and receive a 15% discount on your first 3 shifts when we arrive in your area.

Currently practicing in:
District Of Columbia
New Hampshire
New Jersey
New York
North Carolina
Rhode Island
South Carolina

Clinical Excellence. Bedside Manner. Cultural Fit. Our Vets pass every test.

IndeVets aced a whole lot more than their interviews. We’re confident even your most particular clients will love their service.

Above and beyond.

Our commitment to clinical excellence starts with our leaders. Our clinical team is led by Chief Veterinary Officer, Dr. Marisa Brunetti. Dr. Brunetti’s team of Area Medical Directors (AMDs) oversee each and every Associate IndeVet, and work with hospitals to ensure everyone’s expectations are met.

The clinical leadership team stays close with all our IndeVets. They regularly review medical records and routinely shadow doctors while they practice. Since we don’t work alongside each other every day, this helps us keep a pulse on how our Associates communicate with staff and clients, handle animals, write medical records, and perform medicine. The result? IndeVets consistently deliver top-notch care.

That’s not the only way we stay connected with our docs. We’ve also built a knowledge sharing system that allows IndeVets to easily distribute industry-leading research, clinical trends, approaches, and standards. So when a vet is facing a tricky diagnostic puzzle or complicated case, they can collaborate in real-time. It’s like having the collective knowledge of our entire clinical community behind every recommendation.

Learn more about how we keep our team connected.

Smarts and hearts.

Highly qualified and good bedside manners shouldn’t be mutually exclusive. That’s why we take a holistic approach to evaluating our vets, including personality assessments to help determine the clinical environment that’s best for them. And you.

IndeVets are known for being…
  • Responsive, collaborative, cooperative, and flexible (AKA absolutely No Jerks).
  • Genuinely kind, patient, and stable folks who love being helpful.
  • Team players — respectful of staff, clients, work environments, and patients.

Best and brightest.

We know great doctors are everything to your business. So we developed a comprehensive screening process that examines all facets of a candidate. In fact, we only hire about 15% of everyone that applies. We like to say our standards are higher than a Jack Russell can jump.

Our screening process includes:
  • Clinical assessments
  • Face-to-face interviews
  • Background checks
  • License verification
  • Drug tests
  • Internet / social media scans
  • Reference checks
  • Personality profiles

Staffing shouldn’t feel like a blind date.

You’ll know them.

Every time you staff with an IndeVet, we’ll send you a detailed clinical profile (see a sample) and video interview (watch an example) with that doctor. So you can get to know them before they walk in the door.

They’ll know you.

Before each shift, our doctors receive an in-depth profile about your hospital’s procedures, workflows, and key staff members. That way they can hit the ground running, seamlessly integrating into your workflow and team.

Hear from our hospital partners.

“Surprised how seamlessly they fit in. Clients have been really pleased with the IndeVet doctors. They work great with the techs and are always willing to help and work as a team.” Christina Shiraldi Nazareth Veterinary Center
“We have used several IndeVet doctors and they are all professional, reliable, and very helpful to our practice. I highly recommend IndeVets.” Marilyn Katz VCA Del Valley Animal Hospital
“All of the doctors that helped us out were competent, pleasant, professional and well received by clients and staff. Truly an asset to our practice.” Dr. Susan Longo Annapolis Cat Hospital
“Billing is easy, self-explanatory. I enjoy putting shifts online. Doctors are really good, and I have never been dissatisfied.” Hakim Franklin Mt. Airy Animal Hospital
"All the vets we have used are very professional, capable and able to handle all our clients and patients’ needs from the moment they walk in the door. They are flexible and willing to immediately be part of our hospital team." Dr. Stewart Eidel Mountainside Veterinary Hospital
"Great doctors, excellent communication, easy pay process avoiding unnecessary paperwork." Nicole Mastalski VCA Abri Animal Hospital
"We are so happy with the IndeVet doctor that has helped us. She is a hard worker, competent and kind doctor. She communicates with our clients and with our team in a very friendly and professional manner. She is able to adapt to different settings and protocols with ease and she is overall a pleasure to work with." Fernanda Marques All Creatures Great and Small
"We are thrilled with IndeVets! They have made a huge difference during COVID when we have been overwhelmed with “pandemic puppies.” Extremely qualified, friendly, and efficient veterinarians. Love working with all the veterinarians." Dr. Bryan Hall PetVet of Clarksville

Ahhh, the joy of filling shifts.

Forget the fax machine. Say goodbye to digging through emails. Ditch the unsearchable darkness of week-old texts. With IndeVets, you simply log in to our website, post your shifts, and move on with your day. Yep. It’s really that simple.

Fast, tech-enabled scheduling.
1. Pick a position and date

Let us know what type of shift you need coverage for and when we can help your team.

2. Set the shift hours

Customize your request’s start time, end time, and shift duration, or make your hours flexible.

3. Help your shift get taken by adding optional incentives

Make your shift even more appealing by applying incentives like paid travel time or additional pay for important shifts.

A great in-vets-ment.

Make your accountant proud

Our docs do much more than just fill shifts — they help grow practices. Our partner hospitals have reported significant gains in revenue and profitability when staffing with IndeVets. In some cases, we’ve seen up to 20% growth in revenue!

Our IndeVets have a higher average client transaction (ACT) than associate or owner doctors at our partner hospitals. On average, IndeVets produce $5 more per client. That’s $70 more a day, $350 more a week, $1,400 more a month, and a whopping $16,800 more a year!* Just imagine what we could do for your hospital.

*Based on aggregate data from partner hospitals. Based on 2 clients per hour over an 8-hour shift (1 hour break).

Finally, a financial model you can understand.

If complex pricing schemes are your thing, we’re not for you. We’ve made billing as simple as possible — one hourly rate per shift type, one invoice, and no 1099’s or payroll taxes.

The end of this page can be the start of something beautiful.

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